Empowering victims of domestic violence

one neighbourhood at a time

The United Nations Reports that the Shadow Pandemic is the increase in Domestic Violence and Violence Against women.

    • France has indicated a 30% increase, Brazil estimates a 40–50%, China had an increase of 32%, Italy reported spikes, Spain reported horrific homicides. - a trend we will see increase as we move forward under continued stress. Source.

    • Calls to helplines doubled in Lebanon and Malaysia and tripled in China compared with the same month last year, the U.N. reports; similar increases have been seen in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and elsewhere. In Australia, Google reported a 75% increase in searches related to getting help with domestic violence.

Project mission

Our Mission

Firstly, is to create a community of neighbours to reach the houses and flats of their ward with powerful messages distributed directly in mailboxes to encourage victims to speak to their local authority.

Secondly, we want to build the tech tools in collaboration with policy makers that will liberate voices and reach the many members of our communities that are the invisible victims.

The Butterfly Effect

DV watchers are volunteer activists who are part of a planetary movement. Like the butterfly that flaps its wings in Chicago and creates a tornado in Tokyo we hope to make an impact that begins with one small thing.

We believe that by encouraging neighbours to become everyday activists against domestic violence in their communities we will raise awareness of invisible sufferings. This will lead to safer neighbourhoods which in turn creates public health and safety for all.

DV Watch changes the status quo one person, one neighborhood, one community, one city, one country, one policy at a time.

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Sending a message of kindness and support to the victims

With our programme ''one neighbourhood at a time'', we make sure every household in the UK gets a message in the mail reminding them that they are #notalone.


DV WATCH is creating technology standards, policies and procedures so that citizens can safely report abuse WITHOUT the knowledge of their abusers with any app.

Like the butterfly effect we are creating small yet powerful technology and we will put it in the hands of the abused to lead them to safety.

Become a DV Watcher

Volunteers have a crucial role. As a DV Watcher you contribute to create a sense of community and bring awareness about Domestic Violence, helping victims know that they are not alone.

From the moment you hand out your first mail, you are a an activist for human rights. You make sure every person behind the doors of your street, and beyond, is empowered to talk about being abused. And you break the circle of domestic abuse.

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